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Whitewater area of Lida Polesna is situated in Ceske Vrbne near Ceske Budejovice and it is a home course of Sport Club of Whitewater slalom kayaking Ceske Budejovice. A bus stop is about 400 metres from the area and 1 km far is a shopping centre.

The area is just next to a cycling path going from Ceske Budejovice to Hluboka nad Vltavou which is very popular - 7 000 people are going there during a sunny weekend which means about 100 000 visitors every year. According to future plans the cycling path is going directly through the area which will have a very positive effect on number of area visitors. Also a stop for boats and especially marina are going to be built in thearea. The construction of marina has started. (LINK)

Not only thaks to a good location but also thanks to organized actions the area is much better recognized than few years ago and the popularity is continuously rising. Especially for inhabitants of housing estates Vltava and Maj (parts of Ceske Budejovice) the area is a natural place for relaxation. Project of Revitalization of Whitewater Area of Lida Polesna is prepared and realized according to this demand and increses possibilities of leisure time activities and supports a tourist developement.

The area is large and so very good for organisation of sport and culture events. There is a possibility to rent equipment for water sports and for cycling and inline skating in the area too. The is also a chance to have a rafting or kayaking session with qualified guides. Accommodation is possible in hostel or in camping site. In the area there is a restauran ang ground for beach volleyball. Future progress is in connection with project of Revitalization. (LINK)

The main article in the area is slalom course, which has been reconstructured.  Mobile obstacles (Rapidblocks) are used - we use the very same system as used in London. It is simple to change the character and difficulty of the course. That's why various competitions can take place in the areal.

The course starts with kayakpolo playground, which is used for iceskating during winter. First and second cascade are easy, prepared for beginners or for warm up before a race. There are no big waves or strong rolls, there are large eddies and the cascade is always followed by calm part. So there is a lot of time to help, if a racer has a problem.

Race part starts in front of the first bridge - mobile obstacles are used since then. There is a new safer place to get on the water - stairs are in the last third of the course and in the very end too. The most atractive part of the course is next to the boathouse. That's why we are planning to built a platform for visitors.

Thanks to the technology and character, the course is unique in Czech republic. Fast chutes are combined with pools, that are enabling a training session for larger groups too. It depends on the gate combinations, if racers go into eddies or follow the stream.

There is a roll for rodeo in the course.

The whole course is followed by path. Sides of the course are made of stones - some of them are specially fixed for higher safety of paddlers. Stones also enabling better positions for photographers and cameramen - they can be nearly on the water level.

We are continuing on Revitalization of the areal till summer. We have also prepared a project of new boathouse, we are doing our best to ensure enough money. 

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