SK vodní slalom České Budějovice

Project team

Majority of club members are taking part in the realisation of the project.

The grant demand was made in cooperation with independent project experts association. They are also taking part in the project preparations as a whole and if needed will be available for assistance:

Ing. Pavla Konopová, Ph.D.  - superviser  
Ing. Jan Rosenthaler - economical analyses 
Martina Šlapáková - technical analyses
Miroslav Švec  - selection procedure, construction superviser

Project team of Sport Club Whitewater slalom Ceske Budejovice
Jakub Prűher - projct manager, project preparation and realisation, area operation 
Monika Jandová - financial and legal assurance 
Jakub Bican - realisation, revision, internal communication 
Daniel Stach - grant demand preparation, external and PR communication
Jakub Prüher Monika Jandová Jakub Bican Daniel Stach

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