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Areal modernisation 14.6.2011

Especially the first part of race course is under construction. Kuba Pruher visited Olzmpic slalom course in London - we are using the very same system of obstacles.   Photos from CZE and UK

Areal modernisation 4. 6. 2011

Marina will be opened in several days - first boats are parking there.   Photos

Kolovadlo has passed away...

One era has ended...   Photos

Areal modernisation 20.5.2011

Demolition is continuing.   Photos

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Budget: 29 666 099 CZK
Realization: 12/2009 - 09/2012
Summary of outputs:
- modernized slalom course
- area for kayakpolo
- new places for safety embarkation/debarkation
- revitalization of area
- playground
- ice-rink
- path for hippo and walkers
- sound protection rampart used for sledging during winter
- synergic action on SPLAVNĚNÍ of Vltava river
- providing actual information thanks to modern technologies


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